Why do so many authors use the Art of Communication for their self-publishing projects?


Because of my personal service and creative flair

Hi, Thank you for stopping by The Art of Communication Book Design website.

I’m Christine Hammacott. As well as being a graphic designer and book cover designer, I’m an Indie-Author myself so I’ve been where you are now and know how daunting it can feel. Rest assured that working with me will make the process not just painless but exciting as we explore ideas and get your cover perfect.

I love helping authors achieve their dream of seeing their book in print.

It’s an exciting process and to hear the ‘Wow!’ from clients when they see their cover proofs is testament that I’m doing a great job.

The self-publishing process step by step

There are various stages to the process, which I will walk you through step by step. I do everything I can make it as easy as possible, explaining as we go. I understand how precious your book is to you. It’s your baby — and as we work towards publication together I too want it to be the very best it can be.

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Initially we will discuss your book to get an overall picture of exactly what you want to achieve. You will need to provide key information such as a synopsis, character and place descriptions, and the main themes of a book so that I have a clear idea of the content and where your book sits in the marketplace. Then I get creative. I will work with you to get every detail right and create a cover that works, and that of you can be hugely proud. I will advise you, but ultimately it’s your book – you are in control.

What gives me the edge over other designers


Design is all about strategies and creative problem solving. For over 20 years I’ve worked on branding and promotional material for companies large and small, in creative agencies across the UK.

I’ve also worked as an in-house book designer for an Oxford publisher on a variety of book types, so I understand traditional publishing.

In 2008 I started The Art of Communication graphic design consultancy to provide affordable quality design to SMEs.

When in 2013 a group of my writing colleagues suggested self-publishing, my skills were called upon for cover design. Over time I’ve since been approached by other authors to help them and book design side of my business took off. I’m told I’m extremely patient when it comes to creating what authors want. This is why so many authors like working with me — they know their book is important to me and that I care about their project.

Public speaking

In 2018 and 2019 I was instrumental in organising the Portsmouth Library Services Literary Festival Publishing Weekend at The University of Portsmouth. Pulling together industry experts to talk about the process of publishing from editing, getting an agent, self-publishing, going down the crowdfunding route etc. I presented on ‘Your Book as a product’ and ‘Cover design’.

I don’t have a house style 

All the projects I undertake are about what’s right for my client not me. I will take into consideration the requirements of the brief and target audience, as well as personal styles and ideas of the author to create a cover design that works. This styling can often be taking onto the inside of the book as well. However, with the text pages there are typefaces and sizes and that work better than other so these are fairly standardised.

For more information please check out the FAQ page.