Frequently asked questions

How long does the self-publishing process take?

That will depend on how long the author takes to check the proofs. If the book comes to me well edited and ready to go the process will typically take about a month-six weeks. But factor in an author reading through physical proofs and that can make it longer.


What information do you need from me?

To make sure the process quick and easy for you, I will send you a key information form. This will request details about:

  • your book title
  • author name
  • a short book description
  • genre
  • the first chapter
  • imprint (if applicable)
  • description of main characters
  • description of key scene
  • era book is set in
  • any ideas in terms of concepts imagery, photographs you want to include


I’m still writing my book. Are you able to design the cover?

Yes. I can start the design and then once we have the final page count can create the artwork to the correct spine width. However, from experience authors tend to underestimate how long the final edits will take so this have a serious impact on the length of the project.

Do I have to have all the book information at the start?

It’s very rare that first time authors will have everything ready at the start. To create the initial ideas for the cover I will need the information mentioned previously but I will prompt you as and when I need other elements like the back cover text, author bio, dedication etc.


Can I use my own photographs or illustrations in my book?

Yes, provided they are of sufficient quality.


What if I don’t like the covers concepts you’ve created?

Occasionally it happens. The usual problem in this situation is that the client knows what they don’t like but can’t explain what they do want. That’s why it’s important that it’s not just an online solution. Experience has taught me that the best thing to do is discuss the situation. Nine times out of ten it will come down to one small detail that the client doesn’t like (sometimes a colour) but in fact everything else is perfect. With this knowledge I can then change it accordingly. If this is not the case though I will look at other ideas. This is a joint project that we work on together. The idea is to achieve the cover of your dreams that will sit well in your genre and convey key information to buyers and tempt them to purchase your book. I want you to be 100% happy with the results so you get as many revisions as you need until you are.


Your book cover designs are great. Are you expensive?

Not at all. My prices as affordable as possible, but they take into consideration my skills, knowledge and the actual time it takes to create something bespoke.


What’s included in the book design cost?

This will depend on your individual project requirements. For a paperback it will include cover, spine and back cover artwork and text layout. For an e-book it will include front cover only and text formatting. It will include file uploading.

Stock photos are charged extra. At the start of a project these are an unknown quantity. You will be advised of cost implications at proof stage before purchase. Typical stock image costs are around £20-30 depending on source.


Can I talk to clients who have worked with you?

Yes. I can put you in touch with my clients (with their permission) and you can find out from them what it’s like to work with me.


What are your payment terms?

As the publishing process realistically usually takes a couple of months  I require 50% payment when I begin your book cover design and the remaining 50% upon completion of the final upload. I will raise an invoice and can accept payments securely through Paypal. It’s the safest method of payment online today.


Do you work with clients outside of the UK?

Yes. Although I do prefer to have an initial conversation, most of the correspondence can be done via email so it really doesn’t matter where you are based.